Angels Fly High, Seattle sinks Low. (4-22-07)

2 straight wins and the Angels pull from last to 2nd place with 1 game seperating them from Baseball’s most ghetto team, the A’s.  Is anyone questioning the talent on this team?  I didn’t think so.  Angels get back their biggest gun in Vlad as he starts the game with 2 run HR in the first. Angels lead 3-0. Angels score another 4 in the 5th with an awesome play at the plate by Anderson bringing the lead to 7-0. (Catch the highlight)  All is perfect for Colon to go his 7 and hand the ball to the bullpen.  Maybe that wasn’t the best idea.  Sometimes Baseball 101 doesn’t always pay off.  Oliver comes in and the Mariners make him pay taking him for 5 runs including a Grand Slam.  (Must be the Name)  Angels now only lead by 1 run. The comeback stops there though as K-Rod takes the 9th clearing the side with a pop up and 2 K’s.  3 up 3 down.  I said it all along.  Enjoy the tiny, injury caused slump while it lasts.  The Angels are coming back in a big way.  Angels win 7-6.



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    Now make it three straight wins vs the M’s to vault into a tie for 1st place. The Angels are still not clicking on all cylinders by any means – they almost blew huge leads in the first two games. Granted they didnt bring in their star pitchers from the bullpens to start the downslide – but Shields did give up a pinch hit grand slam to Broussard (the first in their history) – some would say Broussard should have been struck out a few pitches prior by a 2 seam running fastball that caught all of the plate and was just slightly higher then the belt – I thought the letters were the top of the strike zone? But that is neither here nor there – he still gave up the slam.

    Weaver came back last week and pitched good – Colon came back yesterday and was awesome (why did he come out after 7 innings and only 77 pitches?), Escobar comes back to pitch on Tuesday and it shouldnt be long before Figgins makes his 2007 debut. The Angels are now 9-9 and tied with Oakland for the AL West lead – its been a tough start to the year but they have weathered the storm (literally) so far.

    Hopefully the Halos can play like they are capable of and make the Dodgers Los Angeles’ second best team – and yet the only team that actually plays there…..

    Just another Halo victory!

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