Brew Crew has the Astros seeing stars (4-22-07)

If you are not watching the Brewers than you are missing a great show.  Brewers are surprisingly really good this year.  Strong pitching and equal batting has placed them top of their division.  Yesterdays game was a pleasure to watch as Capuano sits down 6 batters going 6 innings and only giving up one run.  Those who scored the game for the MLB made an error as they scored Capuano as giving up 4 runs but that wasn’t the case.  We’ll get back to that in a minute.  Cap holds them and the Brew Crew bats start a swinging. Astro’s strike first in the 2nd but the Brewers answer as Miller scores an RBI double. Wouldn’t you just love the name "Miller" as a Brewer? I’d hate to have the last name of Coors.  What if your name was "Bud Coors".  That would be akward.  Back to Baseball.

Weeks gets a GR double off a ridiculous fielding attempt by Houston that does not result in an error to set up JJ Hardy to smash a 2 run shot in the 3rd. Hardy repeats that performance in the 5th with a single shot over the center wall.  Villanueva takes over for Cap and HE gives up 3 runs as the Astos attempt to claw their way back.  It was all for nothing though.  Brewers had this from the get go.  They are becoming a very exciting team.  They really remind me of the 96 Yankees.  Let’s see if their success can be just as great.  All i know is that the Brewers are becoming one of the hottest tickets in Baseball.  Make sure you tune in.



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