Dodgers prove; it aint over till it’s over! (4-22-07)

Is it True?  is the hottest team in Baseball is the L.A. Dodgers?  Call the press because the Dodgers hold the highest winning percentage in the Major League! a .722 from the Boys in Blue.  How long has it been.  The Dodgers are putting together the most entertaining game on the diamond.  You have to tune in for every game is a show!  Let’s look at yesterday…

Penny started off really shakey with a walk and a wild pitch along with a throwing error get’s a man on 2nd and allows the Pirates to score 1st.  Nomar achieves a sliding double and Kent hits a single to bring him home to tie.

Trouble for penny again as he loads the bases and walks in a run.  A wild pitch later leads to a second.  Penny was not in control last night so he needed the Blue Crew to back him up as they did in a big way. Valdez reaches 3rd in the ninth off a throwing error on his steal attempt.  a wild pitch later allows Valdez to tie it up in the bottom of the 9th.  Into the 10th and the Manufacturing of hits begins like a Ford Factory.  Dodgers only need 1 run but why let it go at that.  Martin steps up and ads insult to injury as he hits a Grand Slam right into the Dodger bullpen sending the message to the guys to take the rest of the night off, i got this one!  Dodgers expolde 7-3.





    I think we can count the Dodgers in this year. They are playing with more hustle than they have in years past and as long as they stay off the DL it looks like there is no stopping them. Go Blue!


    The Dodgers are looking good from what I have seen/heard. I havent had a chance to watch them much (OK I have had the chance just chosen not to!) though the Dodgers always seem to get off to a hot start. Hopefully for the sake of a freeway series World Series they will keep it up and not make any crazy trades to break apart their team. An Angels vs Dodgers World Series would probably be the lowest rated series ever – but it would be awesome regardless. And then at least the games wouldnt start while I was still at work! Go Halos!

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