Angels sweep Seattle (4-23-07)

The Bad News Mariners showed up in Anaheim yesterday.  The Mariners were looking pretty ridiculous  as the threw wild pitches, wild throws, poor comunication in the in field; all that lead to the Angels completing the task and sweeping the Mariners in their 3 game stretch.  I write a lot about hit manufacturing.  I love it!  I love it more than a big HR.  There is nothing more exciting than watching hit after hit, moving runners, stealing bases to position a score, true baseball management of the offense.  That’s what the Angels did yesterday in their win against Seattle.  No big HR’s or Grand Slams from Vlad, just solid hitting performances that continually added to the score board. 

Angels tie the Oakland Slobs for first as they host the American League Champs today in Anaheim.  Way to go Halo’s!!  Angels win 6-1



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