Yankees Desperation doesn’t pay off (4-23-07)

Just another horrible day.  Great day for baseball but a horrible one for Yankee fans everywhere.  Yanks put Wright on the mound, a rookie, against the Red Sox in Fenway and they murder his ERA.  The Red Sox did something unheard of as they hit 4 consecutive HR’s off of Wright making him the lonliest man in the dugout.  Ouch! You can’t say that the Yakees didn’t put runs on the board though.  The Yanks sore 6 runs off of nine hits.  Just horrible pitching as even Petitte, a starter, is brought in on relief for an inning.  Desperation never pays off as the Yankees looked foolish; proving that they had no other options in their arsenal.  Accept the fact that you have injuries.  Await the return of your line up this week and settle the score in New York.  Dont waste every pitcher you have on the roster for this game.  I understand its the Red Sox but the Red Sox haven’t swept the Yankees at home in 17 years!  I don’t think we have to panic about dropping this one do you?  On the other hand; yankees have swept the Red Sox in both cities many times.  So give the baby it’s bottle.  Re activate your starting line and settle this in New York on Friday.  Yankees lose 7-6



  1. gpartipilo@ais.ucla.edu

    I guess it’s time for Mr. S to take out the checkbook again to get some starting pitching. If you look at all the great offensive teams in the past, you’ll always find that they had one or two good men on the mound. You can win with pitching only but it doesn’t work the same with only offensive power. Sooner or later the bats will stop too because they will lose confidence, or worse yet stop playing as a team and only focus on statistics. The Yankee fans are even more fickle. They will rag on someone soon to relieve their embarassment to lose a series to the Red Sox. It’s got to be one of the best and worst place to see a game. Growing up on Chicago, I didn’t have this problem. We just appreciated to have a great place to go and watch our favorite game. Chill out you Yankee headcases!

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