Temporary Insanity (5/1/07)

Yankees are in last place!  Yankees **** this year! Blah, Blah, Blah.   I love listening to all these fairweather fans of baseball who now have a new lease on life because the great super power has fallen.  Such a David and Goliath atmosphere.  What all fans fail to realize is that Baseball would be a sad sport without the Yankees.  Their dominace over the years created baseball and baseball fans.  All over the world there are sports and sports teams but none are as well known as the Yankees.  Imagine Baseball without them.  I always said that if your only goal is to beat the Yankees, than the Yankees have already won!  Even in your teams success; you’re happiest just being ahead of the Yanks.  In mind, you still take 2nd place!  (Boston Fans)

Yanks have been plagued with injury on their rotation.  Yanks are forced to use the farm.  How bad is that really?  through this we may find a diamond in the rough. 

Just wait till mid season.  the yankees will fire back hard as they always do and all of the nay sayers will once again go quiet.


One comment

  1. gpartipilo@ais.ucla.edu

    I agree with Gavin that historically baseball without the Yankees wouldn’t be baseball. Can anyone ever envision talking about a Devil Ray’s dynasty 50 years from now? By the way, who’s idea was it to name a baseball team after a fish? Yeah, the Yankees have always displayed a special luster even during the losing years. I still remember standing in front of a black and white TV in the show window of the Marshall Fields Department Store in downtown Chicago watching the Yankees and Brooklyn Dodgers in the World Series. Mantle, Ford, Campenella, Reese…what tradition. That was when they played “day time” baseball and pitchers were proud of throwing complete games. You had to go to work but during your lunch break you shuffle over to any place that had a TV. I miss those days….I really do.

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