Vicious Snake Bite Bleeds the Blue

Bad day yesterday for the LA boys.  A fall to the Diamondbacks places them in 2nd.  Wolf was to blame having the worst outing this season.  How many runs can one pitcher give up before he is pulled?  Ask Wolf.  Bad game all around unless you are a Diamondback fan.  Dodgers need to come together.  If L.A doesn’t pick up the next 2 games a small hill will begin to form.  The Dodgers blame the 5 hour game on Sunday for their poor performance but i do not believe that Wolf pitched that one.  A classy franchise like LA loses to a 2nd rate ball club that should be playing in the Minors!  The D-Backs?  What a stupid looking uniform.  It’s something you would expect from High School Baseball.  I was excited to learn that they were changing the uniforms but i think they have gone backwards.  Dodgers need to take back what’s theirs!!!


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