Yanks drop series to the Evil ones (4-22-07)

Why, Why, Why?  1st series against the evil ones and the Yanks drop it.  Stands to reason though.  Would this have happened if Moose was on the mound?  I’m thinking no.  Torre sends up Kartsens and the Red Sox make him pay for it.  Kartsens gives up 7 runs in 4 & 1/3 innings to create a defecit that the Yankee bats cannot come back from.  Have to hand it to the boys from Boston.  They really performed well in this series.  It takes a big man to admit that Boston out played you but in fact they did.  Simple explanation though.  Yankee pitching was equivalent to AAA ball.  Bullpen loses it in the 1st game and Kartsens is not experienced enough to handle the Boston line up.  Let them live in their glory for now.  We will close this series in that ridiculous looking ball park and take back our pride as the most dominant team in Baseball’s history in about 5 days.  Why is that park ridiculous?  Only the Red Sox would build a 30 foot wall in right field. Everyone else has a fair playing field but the whiners from BOSTON probably built it to create some type of edge seeing as how they couldn’t compete.  I guess it’s good to have.  Something has to help you play right field when you have Manny Ramirez out there.  Yanks lose 7-5.

See you Friday in the Bronx!!!



Dodgers Hang some Pirates, few witnesses left to see

Impressive game for L.A. last night.  Dodgers clobber Pittsburgh.  Though a great victory, it’s almost like winning at TIC TAC TOE when you defeat the Pirates.  Not that you are dissatisfied with the win,  you just don’t expect to lose.  Well that’s how the Boys in Blue played last night. As a machine that expected to dominate.  It all started and ended with a fabulous performance by Wolf.  Wolf was in trouble in the first but he settled down to fan 10 and completely shut down the Pirates offense.  Wolf hasn’t gone 7 innings all year and even though he dominated Pitts, Grady Little still wouldn’t allow him to go past 6.  I think Little is being too conservative.  Starters need to go to 7 innings.  it’s your bullpen Grady that needs your considerstion. 

Lets talk about that glorious 3rd inning shall we.  You remember, the one where the Dodgers left Armas with a 18.90 ERA this season.  3rd inning the bats come alive for the D’s as Pittsburgh has to face 11 batters.  Dodgers are incredible as they knock in 6 runs on 5 hits including a great shot to right field by Wolf scoring 2 and ending Armas’s night at only 2.2 innings pitched. 

Did you catch that awesome catch from Brady Clark in the 7th?  it was outstanding.  Try to catch a recap on their website.

Only issue i have with that game yesterday was the audience.  I don’t understand Dodger fans and i am writing as someone who grew up in L.A.  In the 7th inning as usual 50% of the crowd leaves.  The Dodgers were up huge and they still leave.  When do we stay the entire game?  i have been to many games and I never leave until the final out.  In Baseball you never know what can happen.  The Yanks proved that 2 days ago as they comeback in the bottom of the 9th to score 6 runs and win the game.  What’s with L.A.?  Will you see a petition on a Ballot to Change Baseball to a 7 inning game in Cali? Dodgers don’t have a 7th inning stretch they have the 7th inning exit.  Too bad for them.  Dodgers win 10-2.


BoSox Have Magic of their own.

What a horrible day for Yankee fans everywhere.  Should that have happened? Never.  The Red *** pull off a huge comeback rally in the 8th inning scoring 5 runs.  Yanks were leading 6-2 in the 8th and Torre makes the smart move to bring in Rivera to ensure the win.  Rivera shows some milage as he gives up 4 hits that resolve in an additional 4 runs to take lead over the Bombers.  On a good note, it’s nice to see A-Rod so exited to play the game.  He looks like a young kid out there and you can totally see a change in his demeanor.  His love for the game is very prevelent in every play.  A-Rod scores #11 & #12 of the season in HR’s hoping to break the record for most HR’s in the month of April which a close confidant tells me is 14.  If anything good came out of yesterday’s loss it is that Schilling didn’t get the win!  i loved seeing his face when Rodriguez took his pathetic pitches out of that ridiculous park.  Bad day for you Kurt?  Yankees lose 7-6.


Yanks pull a rabbit from a hat in the 9th.

Can you believe the streak the bombers are on? Call it a winning streak or call it luck but the Yankees seem unstoppable!  Yesterday’s conclusion of the Cleveland series proves it.  Yankees are down 6-2 in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs.  50% of the fans are now in the subway’s and on the expressway.  Maintenance crews are bringing out the hoses to water down the dirt.  Janitors are collecting their brooms and dust pans and sports writers are putting their final touches on their articles about the Yankees huge loss today when the magic happens.  Phelps steps up and hits a solo shot to left center changing the score and momentum of the game towards the bombers. Posada hits a shot down center and Damon brings him home with a hit of his own.  Jeter hits into left and brings home Damon as Abreu readies himself for a single to put Jeter into scoring position.  The score is now 6-5 in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs.  Who steps up to the plate?  the hottest bat in baseball, A-Rod.  Now, if movies have taught us anything then A-rod should begin hearing the musical score creeping up behind him, the camera should be panning the faces of the crowd showing their hope and desperation, a close-up on the pitcher and then the confident close-up on A-Rod showing the determination in his face and through a slow motion swing, he should get the game winning hit.  Well, that’s the movies and this is real life.  I wonder if A-Rod heard that music because not only did he get the hit he nails it over the center field wall to win the game!  his 10th of the year.  It was pandemonium in New York.  it was unheard of and it marks the 2nd huge comeback win for the Pinstripe Posse.  Yankees win it in the 9th, 8-6.

Gavin Partipilo